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10X your success with all new personal energy diagnostics for intuitive and high-frequency living

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Lesson 1Understanding the EMI (Ego/Mind/Identity)

Lesson 2The Notebook Challenge 

Lesson 3: Awakening to the Real You

BonusExclusive Video “Dark Night of the Soul"

BonusPDF Print-Ready Notebook

BonusCreate Your Own 48-hr Retreat PDF 

BonusTop 12 Habits That Keep You From the Real You PDF

Bonus24-7 Web/ Mobile App Access & Activity Tracker 

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The perfect addition to

Meet the Real You: Deprogram Your Subconscious Mind

10X your de-programming power with:

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Introspective Questions
Fool-proof Checklists
Intuitive Prompts
Real-Life Integration

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You'll Learn How to:

Balance Your Energy Bank Account

You'll discover where you're spending your vital life-force energy and examine if it's draining you (a withdrawal) or if it's energizing you (a deposit).
You'll be able to maintain a perfect balance of energy in your life so you never have to feel drained or depleted ever again!
Assess the Energetic Impact of Life

Use fun and fool-proof diagnostics to assess the energetic impact someone or something is having on you. Based on 10 universal signs, you will know who and what is having a high-frequency or low-frequency effect on you in just seconds!
Dig Deeper into Your Subconscious Programming

Get the tips and tricks that open the door for you to dig even deeper into your subconscious programming. With the help of a carefully curated process, un-doing subconscious limitations has never been easier!

Supercharge Your Success now for only $19!

Supercharge Your Success now for only $19!

Why Maintain the Real You?

Maintain being the Real You- even with the ups and downs of life

After getting feedback from my students who got amazing! results from Meet the Real You- I started to realize something...

The hard part actually isn't deprogramming the subconscious mind... it's the constant fluctuations in life that cause us to eventually revert back to our old habits and old ways of being: subsets of the subconscious mind. 

I thought to myself... there has to be a way to keep and
MAINTAIN the (subconscious) mind-blowing progress my students are making, while at the same time support them in their effort to live high-frequency day-to-day lives... after all, real spirituality should make a difference in everyday life. 

This is how
Maintain the Real You came about! Use this quick, easy, & fun to use 3 module program to guide you through the ups and downs of life. Get started below!


You're ready if...

You're ready if...

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You want to consciously create a high-frequency reality

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You desire to prioritize energetic self-care and your mental health

You want to increase your self-awareness in your day-to-day interactions

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You desire better clarity and communication in your relationships, at work, etc.

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You want to Maintain being the Real You!

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