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FREE WEBINAR: Learn from one of the top healers and metaphysical teachers, RJ SPINA, of Supercharged Self-Healing!

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The Formula for 

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Discover the real reason you suffer from ill health, how to stop it, and experience true healing for the first time ever!



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Vibration, Frequency, & Energy: The Scientific Proof that Magick is Real

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Metaphysical Teacher

About the speaker

In 2016, I became permanently paralyzed from the chest down requiring emergency life-saving surgery. I was deathly ill with a rare staph-infection that compressed my spinal cord. I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, hypothyroidism, autoimmune disease, autonomic dysreflexia, and suffered from life-threatening complications due to my catastrophic spinal injury. My body was destroyed and beyond repair 

Today, I am no longer paralyzed. In fact, within the first 100 days after emergency surgery, I walked unassisted – just as I predicted in the ICU. My diagnosed illnesses and diseases have been resolved, even the mystery lethal infection that months of powerful antibiotics could not cure.


Only the truth heals. It is the truth within you that transcends ill health and human condition. I am proof of this and many others have realized this through my teachings. It is your divine right and destiny to heal yourself. If you are truly seeking the end to your suffering, you have finally found it.

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